Monday, August 17, 2015

Law Firm Representing Courtney Love Sought to Persuade SPD Chief in '95 to have SPD Rid Itself of All Records and Copies Thereof Pertaining to Death of Kurt Cobain

Recently released records by the Seattle Police Department (SPD) include a letter dated October 20, 1995 from a Seattle law firm representing Courtney Love addressed to then SPD Chief Norm Stamper, pleading to have the entire Kurt Cobain case file turned over to the firm, “with no further records or copies to remain with the Department.”  See end of article for full copy of the letter.  (The letter can also be found in "Notebook2" on page 105 (as well as on other pages) - click HERE to download "Notebook2."  All records pertaining to this release by the SPD, which appears to have occurred on July 24, 2015, can be downloaded at the end of the following website page - HERE.)

The letter goes on to say that “...Mr. Cobain's estate and Ms. [Courtney] Love-Cobain [are] satisfied that the Seattle Police Department performed a complete and thorough investigation into Mr. Cobain's death” and that “[o]ur clients agree with and accept, without any reservation, the Department's final determination that Mr. Cobain's death was a suicide.” The author of the letter then instructs the Chief of Police that the “The matter can be closed” and concludes by thanking Stamper “in advance for your favorable response to this request.” (A letter marked "Draft" from Chief Stamper denies the firm's “request” - see "Notebook2," page 543; this request appears to have been denied orally by the Chief as well, as indicated in the "Draft" letter.)

First off, it's extremely reassuring and comforting to know that Courtney Love is “satisfied” that her beloved husband received a “complete and thorough investigation” into his passing, and that she “agree[s] with and accept[s], without any reservation,” that he died as a result of Suicide. It's also so reassuring to know that the firm representing Ms. Love's interests is so confident in her truthfulness that it's actually willing to instruct the Chief of Police - as though the firm is somehow in the chain of command - that “The matter can be closed.”

I guess there was nothing to that deceptive Missing Persons Report Ms. Love filed on April 4, 1994 with the Seattle Police Department; and I suppose that apparent practice handwriting sheet and the “Get Arrested” note found in her backpack by her attorney just before Kurt was discovered in the greenhouse is of no concern either; and we should also simply forget about that incapacitating blood-morphine concentration (1.52 mg/liter) that prevented Kurt from discharging the shotgun into his mouth; or the spent shell casing that was discovered due opposite of the shotgun's ejection port; or the lack of legible fingerprints on the shotgun, the two chambered shells and the discharged shell, or on the red pen supposedly used to write the “suicide” note; we should also disregard the fact that Ms. Love's very own attorney at the time was highly suspicious of her client's involvement in Kurt's death and proclaimed that she believed the "suicide" note was a forgery.

This all is to say, of course, that this letter from Ms. Love's firm at the time, seeking to acquire the entire police file bearing on her husband's highly suspicious death, with no copies of the records therein to remain with the SPD, is quite troubling in light of the large quantity of evidence indicating foul play and the suspicious behavior of the firm's client. Given these considerations, one must look upon this letter as yet another piece of evidence relevant to the circumstances bearing on Kurt Cobain's death.



  1. Cremating Kurt's body,
    Melting down the gun,
    Destroying the greenhouse wasn't enough?

    1. It really is so outrageous. Amazing this case has remained closed for twenty-one years despite so much evidence of foul play. Regarding his cremation, I believe it was Kurt's grandfather, Leland, who stated that Kurt did not desire to be cremated. Justice is most certainly well past due!

  2. Thank you Kurt for this blog and your efforts---Kurt Cobain and the extremely questionable faults that consistently run rampant through-out the pre and post mortem time of his death, within numerous agencies, definitely needs re-addressed or ---reopen the case! Agreed.