Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Why Did Both Occupants of Kurt Cobain's Home Fly Out of Seattle Just Prior to the Discovery of His Body?

It's no small matter that both occupants of Kurt Cobain's Seattle home took flights out of Seattle in the days immediately prior to the discovery of his body.

According to the police report, Michael “Cali” Dewitt, a live-in nanny who was also a drug addict at the time, was transported by taxi from the Cobain home to the airport on Thursday, April 7, the day prior to the discovery of Mr. Cobain's body, whereupon Dewitt flew to Los Angeles. Jessica Hopper, the other occupant, was Dewitt's girlfriend who was visiting him while on vacation from a Minneapolis school; according to Charles Cross, Hopper was transported from the Cobain home to the airport on Wednesday, April 6, whereupon she flew back to Minneapolis.

The April 6 date of Hopper's departure is supported by multiple statements given by Hopper to Everett True, wherein, by way of example, Hopper states that she departed “midweek” and that she was present when Eric Erlandson arrived at the estate from Los Angeles, which is reported by Cross to have been on Tuesday, April 5.

Dewitt and Hopper appear to be the only individuals residing at the Cobain estate at the time.

As is widely known, Mr. Cobain's body would be discovered on the morning of April 8 in the greenhouse, which was located just next to the main residence that Dewitt and Hopper had been occupying. No legible fingerprints were discovered on the shotgun discharged into Mr. Cobain and, among numerous other questions of evidence, the results of his toxicology revealed a triple-lethal dose of heroin, suggesting he was incapacitated prior to discharge of the firearm. The official date of Mr. Cobain's death is listed as April 5.

Both of the aforementioned departures appear to have been abrupt and, in the case of Jessica Hopper, extremely emotionally charged – Hopper asserts that she was so distressed that she vomited in the driveway while departing the estate and that “I was sick for two days when I got back because I was such a mess.” The level of this distress is echoed in a recent and highly emotional audio clip wherein Hopper is questioned about her experiences while at the Cobain home at the time.

Both Dewitt and Hopper appear to have been befriended by Mr. Cobain's widow, Courtney Love, when they were minors; Dewitt asserts that Love took him “under her wing” approximately four years prior to Mr. Cobain's death, when he was sixteen; Hopper indicates that Love befriended her approximately two years prior to Mr. Cobain's passing, when she was either fifteen or sixteen. Ms. Love has a history of violence and manipulation and engaged in a number of suspicious behaviors near the time of her husband's death, including misrepresenting her identity in a Missing Persons Report filed with the Seattle Police Department.

According to Rosemary Carroll, Ms. Love's and Mr. Cobain's attorney at the time, Mr. Cobain was in the process of divorcing Ms. Love and removing her from his unfinished will near the time of his death. A prenuptial agreement was also in place.

Norm Stamper, The former Chief of the Seattle Police Department at the time of Mr. Cobain's passing, has recently stated that he would reopen the Cobain case if he were chief again and that the behavioral patterns of those with a motive to see Mr. Cobain dead should have been studied.

Notably, additional statements by Hopper to Everett True bearing on the date of her departure from the decedent's home are strangely contradictory in nature, with Hopper twice unmistakably indicating that she left the Cobain home for Minneapolis on the same day she and Dewitt observed Mr. Cobain in Dewitt's bedroom, which was on Saturday morning, April 2. As indicated above, however, this April 2 date of departure is an impossibility given Hopper's various other assertions to True. Why is Hopper offering obviously contradictory accounts bearing on the date of her departure from the decedent's home?

Given the high volume of troubling evidentiary concerns relating to Mr. Cobain's death, Dewitt's and Hopper's departures are highly relevant and need to be probed in depth by authorities. It's worthwhile here to keep in mind that Dewitt and Hopper chose not to merely depart the Seattle residence of Mr. Cobain, but chose to leave the state of Washington altogether.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Crumbling Foundation

I've noticed of late a certain degree of discouragement regarding the fact that, despite the compelling testimony and evidence featured in Soaked In Bleach, the Cobain case has not yet reopened. While this naturally is frustrating given the various remarkable and factually-indisputable proclamations in the film from leading law enforcement and forensic voices, be reassured that as a result of this testimony a massive and irreparable crack has been created in the foundation of lies bearing on the circumstances of Mr. Cobain's death.

Norm Stamper's and Vernon J. Geberth's testimony, among others, is on record, it's there forever, and each day that someone new sees and hears former Chief Stamper express unhesitatingly that he would reopen the case if he were chief again and those with a motive to see Mr. Cobain dead should have been scrutinized, or former NYPD Lieutenant-Commander Geberth assert that the 1994 investigation team committed cardinal errors in death investigation protocol, that foundation of deceit grows more fragile and closer to collapse.

And this of course is what those disinterested in accountability have feared all along. 

It's the reason that the deceased has been shamelessly dragged through the mud in order to falsely hype the suicide myth and to thereby deflect the proper location of suspicion; it's why those cease and desist letters were sent to theaters in an attempt to deter an obviously proper and legal exercise of the First Amendment; and, among many other examples, it's why an unlawful campaign to sabotage the ratings of Soaked In Bleach was carried-out.

Know too that those disinterested in accountability want you to lose faith – they want you meek and to succumb to a sense of futility; for this is how they maintain control and avoid meaningful scrutiny of their actions.  Don't give them that power.
The fact is the remarkable and courageous testimony of Chief Stamper, and others, is out in the open and can't be “put back in the bag” – it's going to continue, in various ways, to fissure and erode that illegitimate foundation set in place over twenty-one years ago until, finally, the accountability and justice long-withheld from Mr. Cobain is secured.